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October 31, 2009

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since August 18, 2003

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The Do No Harm Club
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** 2003 - Welcome to the Do No Harm Club - 2009**

Thank You for visiting our web site and having an interest about our club! We welcome everyone, at any level of experience, who shares our interest in preserving Native American's sovereignty over their spiritual practices

Here on our web site, we offer more information on our members, our planned actions, our projects, local informational events, and many resources available here in SE Arizona. We invite you to join in and become a member of the hottest new club in Tucson Arizona!

Please bear with us! This site is still under construction. Our staff is still 100% volunteer and a lot of us are working on various environmental & political campaigns. We hope to have everything up by March 2010.

New or Recent Late Breaking News


Last winter, members of Do No Harm Tucson, and many other anti-racist groups contacted Kate Clinton and urged her not to conduct an offensive event, "Sage the White House."

As you can see from the comments on this YouTube video, Clinton ignored the protests of the First Nations people who told her that her mockery of their spiritual practices was NOT acceptable.
Clinton refused to apologize to First Nations people for her ignorance of their customs and the way she mocked and trivialized them on the Laura Flanders show. In an insensitive display of cultural illiteracy, she picked up her "Sage wand" and pretended to smoke it like a joint.

She censored the free speech of First Nations elders, pleading with her not to use sage in a disrepectful manner.
At the same time, allowed a blatantly racist comment to remain on her YouTube channel.

Clinton invited, Mamma Donna a vapid, silly white woman with absolutley no connection to any legitimate indigenous community to conduct a mockery of First Nations religious practices in a circus-like atmosphere.

Kate Clinton is coming to town on Sunday, November 8th at 7 p.m. at the Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Avenue.


Go to the Day of the Dead Parade instead and learn about Tucson's many diverse cultures.
Wear a sign saying you're NOT at Kate Clinton because you are an anti-racist person!
Write Kate Clinton
and tell her what you think of the racist exploitation of First Nations people.
Let her know that SOME THINGS ARE SACRED!
First Nations spiritual traditions are NOT fodder for her comedy.

Spread the word!

Educate others!

Read what First Nations people think about the "Sage the Whitehouse" spectacle.

Tweet this info!

Follow First Nations Activists on twitter
Dont Pay to Pray!

Our Member Questionnaire is now online!
Please fill one out if you haven't already!

Hawk's latest Pix Images from out Protest (10/29/2003)

October 2003
First, Do No Harm
Newsletters On Line
(Coming soon!)

Latest NEWS &

Update on the Mary Sunshine Protest 11/8/03


Protest Wingspan
Local Fraud Selling Ceremonies!

Bookstore Project 2002
Pass out these flyers at Reader's Oasis, Barnes and Nobles, Borders and Antigones Bookstores - or leave them in offensive books.

Upcoming Club Activities During 2003
Oct. 25 (Sat.) FDNH's annual member PICNIC & After- Party: 7:00 pm at Maria�s House!

Don't miss this one!
Call Hawk to sign up for providing additional 'Pot Luck' dishes.
The club will provide main course (chicken), soft drinks, and utensils. (520) 621-47*&
Nov. 7 (Fri.) Monthly Meeting �
Pima Community College
Downtown Branch October 14, 2003
7 pm, Rm. 305A
The speaker to be announced.
Native American Slam Poets :
PO-MO Expressions of Anger at White Exploitation:
Smashing Old Stereotypes and Old Expectations.
Nov 15 (Sat.) Native American Month -
Candlelight vigil for victims of Spiritual and physical genocide starts at dusk. Meet at the fountain behind old main.
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"Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence"

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